Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Do I Get Started Writing?

Recent email question:

How did you get started writing children's books? I feel that the Lord has been gently leading me to write  . . . but I have no idea how to break into this business. Thanks for your help!

I'm afraid my story may not offer a lot of direction. I told a friend an idea I had for a children's book. He happened to work for a publishing company and encouraged me to write it. 

But that wasn't really the very beginning. A lot of groundwork had already been laid. Many of my thoughts about becoming a writer are in a letter I wrote in response to someone who asked a similar question about how to get started writing. 

Here are some additional resources that I find helpful:

Christian Writers' Market Guide 2009, by Sally Stuart. This is the top of my list -- a fat book that is a treasure chest of advice, lists of publishers and publications sorted by type and market, list of Christian writers' conferences, etc. My copy always ends up flagged with dozens of sticky notes.
Sally Stuart's website -- filled with similar resources as the book, but probably not as detailed.  
The Christian Communicator website -- resources, courses, tips, helpful links, etc.  

I can't repeat too often, WRITE. Write letters. Write in your journal.  If you want to be published, write material for your church, for the neighborhood newspaper, for an e-zine, for a magazine--wherever you can publish, whether for children or adults, whether or not you get paid. It's good practice, and it proves you can write.

May God bless you and your readers through your work.

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