Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make up your mind, Self!

Conflicted? Yes. I bought these books at the same time.

One would have told me about "the hidden benefits of disorder, how crammed closets, cluttered offices, and on-the-fly planning make the world a better place." I really wanted that to be true. Unfortunately, I never read the book--I couldn't find it because I couldn't remember whether it was in my crammed closet or cluttered office.

I bought them together and lost them together, but in the meantime I bought and am reading another copy of the one that tells me "It's all too much" and that I need "an easy plan for living a richer life with less stuff."

(Right there you have one of the reasons my husband's been giving me for years that clutter is not good: you lose things and waste money.)

Well, turns out these books were in the cluttered office, supposedly my work room. I've taken to calling it the walk-in junk drawer. But that's not going to last for long.

I unearthed the books in the midst of totally emptying the room so I can create a room I can love to be in. I'll put back into the room only the things that belong there and that I want there.

Now I've told the world. So I better follow through. I'll let you know.


Megan said...

A walk-in junk drawer. I have one of those. Ahem. I may even have two...

I also have the Peter Walsh book and haven't read it yet. I think it might be upstairs in my very tidy husband's office. I hope so because if it's in my space...there is no hope.

Julie said...

A walk in junk drawer! That is the best description I have heard!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Noel. Denny and I have been working through our office and each pile that goes in the garbage or shredder feels great!

rosemary said...

You go, girl! You're gonna love your new room.

The Shocks said...

Thanks so much for sharing your life with us... clutter and all :)!! I have read your books and have been so encouraged to live a life that shines a Big Huge spotlight on a Big Huge God! I am sitting here in the midst of our office being inspired by your blog to once again make my life more simple... Grateful!

Anonymous said...

Why do we have walk-in junk drawers?
Have you ever gotten to the root cause? I keep turning over a new leaf, but then that leaf gets lost in a big leaf pile.

I'm encouraged to know that you have a little struggle in this area, knowing how effectively God uses you to minister to so many different parts of the body.