Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abraham Christian Piper

We met you face to face 30 years ago
on December 12, 1979.

You've come a long way, baby.
And we love you more every year.


John Piper said...



Jody said...

I appreciate you sharing your life here in a blog. As a pastor's wife it is refreshing and helpful to see a glimpse into the life of another following Jesus in ministry. My husband/pastor went to one of the very first pastor's conferences influencing him greatly, to this day he has everything your husband has written and is using the TULIP dvds in Sunday School. We have a december birthday also, our daughter turned 21 on the 9th. Again thank you for sharing, I look forward to your posts.
A fellow pilgrim in the pastorate.

rosemary said...

Abraham and I share a birthday! But I've had more than twice as many as he. I can testify that God will be everlastingly gracious to him as the years sail by.

Jenna said...

should i be concerned that my boys (20-some years later) would be found wearing a similar outfit to the one in the skateboard picture?

i'll just comfort myself with the notion that this particular "fashion statement" is back in vogue.

thanks for sharing! happy birthday, abraham.

Heneni said...

Happy birthday Abraham!