Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thinking about Santa

Advent: Waiting for Jesus #6

We have always tried to help our children understand as much about God as they are able at whatever age they are.

So what about Santa? How does he affect the way children understand Christmas? At the Desiring God blog, you can read some of my thoughts.


Kat said...

Love it! Our family does do stockings, but we share with the kids that this is a party game for Jesus' birthday celebration and don't share all the naughty and nice stuff (and such). It's a couple very small things in the stockings, but we explain that he is pretend and just a game. I LOVED that a few weeks back, someone asked our three year old what Santa was going to bring her. She looked at me and leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Who's Santa?". Now the trick is keeping my three year old from announcing it to the world :).

mommykoo said...

Thanks for your post. We really despise the marketing of evil that santa has done and have not done anything related to him at all. We just bombard them with Jesus filled activities for the month of Dec and wish every Christian family would do the same for their children. To us, it's either honoring santa or Jesus. I am so glad to see your post because it affirms our convictions and that we are not crazy for doing so.