Monday, April 6, 2009

French, heat, and dancing

It's the end of another long and good day. I asked the people in my van what I should report tonight. Here are a couple of things.

It's more challenging working in Yaounde, because French is the trade language here. But we had excellent translators in several studed former students from Rain Forest International School. The school is run by several missions organizations in Yaounde. Many of the students are missionary kids, and there are also national students.

Another challenge here is the heat and the travel stomachs that a few have developed. We're all coping pretty well though. So THANKS for praying.

Some chairs are fitted quickly, others take hours. Children's chairs are particularly challenging. A therapist could explain that more precisely. But from a layman's viewpoint, I'd say it's largely because most of the children are there with birth defects or very early illnesses that have more over-all physical effect than for many of the adults. Still, no matter how long the wait is, each mother and child wait with amazing patience.

As the second--and last--vanful of people waited for the last chair to be done, the pastors and other counselors began singing and dancing and using empty water bottles against their hands for percussion. One by one, several of the American team members joined in to praise the Lord in ways that most had not done before.

I hope to post a video when I get home and have faster internet. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post any pictures, but that's the problem. There'll be lots to see later.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the amazing, God-driven work! I am praying for the team and for His work to be done through you. May you all be strengthened and continue your exhausting efforts!
In Him
Deanna Dyrud (previous Wheels Team Member)

Anonymous said...

Laurence and Team - We are thinking of you lots and keeping you in our prayers! We are sure that Laurence's gift of gab has brightened many days! We miss her!

May the dancing and music and prayer keep you strong physically, emotionally and spiritually your remaining week!

Happy Easter -
Rachel, Barb, Liane, Lea, Liz

Anonymous said...

I think the camera lady should have to dance!

Her Husband!

Joe said...
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Joe said...

thanks for the update! glad to hear everything's going so well...keep up the great work in Christ! it's a blessing to the rest of us to read of His faithfulness through you all. i'll look forward to pictures/videos of God's goodness upon your return. =)

Anonymous said...

Great! Joy in Serving it soulnds.
Keeping ya in prayer.
Dave & ERAK

The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty: "The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with joy; he will quiet you in his love;"

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment of husband of the camera lady, this needs documentation! :-)

Waiting with a smile...

Williams said...

It has been so great to keep up with your ministry in Cameroon. As you have written citing numerous locations it has been fun to picture you there. We are glad the translating is going OK without your "ace" translator there!
Wishing we were there with you, but knowing it was the Lord's will we stay home at this time . . . His ways are perfect! New baby last Wed. and Denny's uncle Les passing away. Great Memorial Service today -
Denny & Bonnie

pauline de BAMENDA said...

bonjour a Laurence et toute l equipe
beaucoup de courage.Que DIEU vous garde et vous protege.
Du courage et bonne journee.
un gros coucou a cyndy et a GORDON C