Thursday, April 2, 2009

Internet! Finally!

We are here--all of us--and working hard. And all but 2 of our bags have arrived.

Jennifer, Bryan says to tell you he tried to call, but none of the phones seem to work for international calls. The same message goes to all of you who love us and are wondering where and how we are. All are healthy.

Yesterday we worked hard for a couple of hours, unwrapping and sorting chairs by size and setting up work stations. Then 25 people were fitted with chairs, mostly children.

One Muslim family had a little girl who screamed with terror--probably about so many white people surrounding her. Silas, one of our Cameroonian team members, wheedled her attention with toys and silliness. She became somewhat calmer so that a chair could be provided for her.

As her family left, they intended bypassing the pastors' counseling area. But Silas led them in and since they knew him now, he was the one who presented them with the gospel. They listened more and more intently and then were willing to accept a Bible. Silas offered for a pastor to pray with them, but only if they wanted it. They did.

Over the course of the conversation, their demeanor transformed from hesitant and resistant to leaning forward eagerly to hear more. At the end, they said they wanted Jesus and were glad for Pastor Alfred to follow up with them.

That is why we are here. Chairs are good, but temporary. Eternitywith Jesus is real and forever.

P.S. to Laurence's boss. She wants you to know she is working hard. I tried to upload some photo, but the internet is too slow this morning.


Chris said...

I started crying while I read this short update! God Is Good! Cool that you are ministering to me back in the States while you do God's work there! You and those you are serving are all in my prayers.


The Reilly Family said...

Thanks for the update everyone! We are glad things are going well. For Brian- We did get your call and all of us got to hear your voice......I must mention it was an answer to prayer as I had asked God that morning to "just hear Brian's voice" and alas he provided. While a conversation would have been nice, the prayer was answered! We are so thankful to hear word and amazing word at that! Bless you all and we eagerly await the next update.
In HIS love,
The Reilly's

Kristy said...

I read your update and was blessed to read of what the Lord is doing on the other side of the world through your team. I am praying for your team and that there will be many more stories like the one just shared. Praying for strength and endurance for you all and for many to come to know the Lord.

For Gordon-- What up? :) Glad to know you all made it there safely! Looking forward to hearing your stories when you get back! :)

Louisville, KY

Rick Graham said...

This message is for T2 (Tim Tarchick). T2, glad to hear you made it there safe and sound. Tami, the girls and I are praying for you daily. Can't wait to hear how God is moving there and in your heart.


Anonymous said...

Laurence & Group, We continue to pray that God would use all of you in a mighty way. Love Diane & Dave