Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two-way Thanks

Our team could not have been in Cameroon or ministered as we did without our coworkers there. There is no adequate way to express our gratitude. But we said thank you often--to them and to God. And as a tangible token, each received books that had been donated by
Desiring God's International Outreach Department

In a place like Cameroon, where income is low and life is often a struggle, the books were received with eagerness. And so the thanks we directed toward our fellow-workers was turned back by them toward us and Desiring God.

And don't miss the video of children receiving Most of All, Jesus Loves You -- also a gift of International Outreach. 


Marty said...

HI Noel,
I was looking around for the White People Dancing Video....did I miss it, or are you having second thoughts? I did just watch the you tube of the people clapping. Wow. Such suffering. Such joy.

Noel said...

Just decided to do another one first. It's up now.

Amy Vest said...

Mrs. Piper,

I recently came to your blog through Talitha and have been blessed. As I watched the video of the children receiving "Most of All, Jesus Loves You" I could not help but smile... May the Lord continue to use this book to draw precious children's hearts to Himself as they see His love and love Him in return!

Rejoicing and praying with you that the nations may be glad in Him,