Sunday, April 5, 2009

If it's Sunday, this must be Yaounde

This morning most of us went to a 7:00 am church service in Bamenda, where Dan Eriksen gave his testimony and the church rocked with the music and dancing.

After we packed ourselves and all our stuff into a bus, we started toward Yaounde. About 1/2 hour outside Bamenda, we stopped for lunch at the home of Achete Achu, the former prime minister of Cameroon. He is a benefactor of CEFED, Magdalene's ministry. His wife, Esther is on the CEFED board. We were honored to be their guests.

Speaking of honor, Saturday night we were guests at Magdalene's home for dinner to celebrate the end of our ministry in Bamenda. She presented each team member with a shirt or dress made of traditional-patterned material. With each, she spoke a few words of thanks and blessing.

Now we have ridden 8 hours in the bus and are back in Yaounde. Tomorrow, our ministry begins at Monique Bessomo's center.

These work days are long and hot with lots of heavy lifting. Please pray for God's strength and refreshment and that we would be protected from injuries.

We love you all and miss you. And we have lots of stories to tell when we see you again.


Anonymous said...

Greetings to Laurence and to all the team. You are in our thoughts and prayers. As we contemplate Jesus' servanthood during this Holy Week, we pray for strength for you as you serve others. Blessings to you and to those who are receiving blessings through your help and witness.
Liane (Language & Friendship)

Anonymous said...

Hello Team!

Sue and I are basking in the joy of reading your stories! Keep them coming!

I am in awe of the timing of this outreach...the opportunity during this most sacred and revered week in Christianity! You are all a living example of Jesus Christ - truly His hands and feet as you fit wheelchairs, but more importantly as you share the gospel!

We are praying for each of you by name, for protection, for strength, for endurance, and for the opportunities placed before you.

Peace and love,

pauline said...

hello to you NOEL for the wonderfull job. stay blssed

pauline said...

hello to you the team of JESUS in CAMEROON .You are welcome again.
you have change many lives in CAMEROON.What can we offer , you just prayers ,smiles ,love and joyce.Thank s a million for the work well done in Magdalene Nungu for bringing you people are in our thoughts and prayers as you are serving during the holy week you will be blessed abundantly. special greetings an thanks to LAURENCE G,GORDON C,THE HORNING'S,BOB,CINDY F,NOEL in fact all the team .we pray for strength for youblessings to you all and to those who are receiving blessings through you. may God be your helper
More grace to your able