Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cashier in training

Tomorrow we begin our new 4-day career, running Jumble Thrift while Karsten and Shelly and the kids to go to Sonshine Festival.  

This evening we got trained in. Tomorrow early they leave. At 10, we open the store. What have we gotten into? Or to say it more precisely, How in the world can they trust us with this?
(Obviously, Vanna is better at this than I am.)

Well this gives me something to add to my old-dog-new-tricks list. At least, I hope (for Karsten and Shelly's sake) I end up learning something. I believe God never wastes anything, so I'll be on the lookout for what he has for me here.

Tune in tomorrow for a first-day report and sometime soon a fashion blog or two.


Anonymous said...

It would almost be worth the drive down to buy something directly from you so that we could "see" you in action. Have a great time! Glad you can do this for Karsten and Shelley.


Bonnie said...

When I saw this entry I felt exactly like Liz did. You will do a great job, and where you might feel uncertain, your laugh will kick in and make it a fun experience! What a sweet gift to Karsten and Shelley.

Danielle said...

this is great! i can't wait to read about this adventure. i have a feeling that if you were selling something to me, there is no way i could say, "no!"

Caryn said...

Have fun! Wish I was able to visit you all there. Can't wait to hear about it.