Sunday, July 19, 2009

The blessings of being in Fulda

(You can see some more photos of Fulda.)

God blessed me in many ways during our days in Fulda last week.
We woke in the mornings to quietness--just quietness.

The first morning, I opened the curtains and had a jolt of pleasure seeing a giant whimsical periwinkle-blue cup and saucer out in the flower border.

Shelly has created in their house a setting that ministers peace to my spirit--neat, uncluttered, mostly white with touches of color, especially blue.

The blue and white lamp that used to be in our living room makes me smile, because now it's in just the right setting in THEIR living room.

Talitha biked to and from the shop freely, without worrying about safety.

Talitha asked her daddy why he was driving so slowly. "I guess the town just makes you move more slowly."

Being in Fulda meant we were close enough to Dana and Christa's route to have a visit with them on their way to their new home in Sioux Falls.

I gained new appreciation for the Shelly's effort and energy to bring this dream to life and that she shaped this "outside-the-home" work to be oriented on her family.

I discovered some of the valuable facets of Jumble Thrift Shop:
Community: Junior stopped by one day and Burt another, just to say hello.
Service: A couple of people said how glad they were to have a place to bring their still-good items without having to drive 20 miles.
Consolation: I met one of Karsten's colleagues from Minnesota West Community College, who was grateful for a place to donate household belongings of her parents-in-law who had passed away in the past year. 
Convenience and price: One woman who spoke little English was able to afford lots of basic items, perhaps for a new dwelling. 
Friendship: Friends know where to find Shelly Wed-Fri, 10-5. I was glad to meet some of them when they stopped it.
Broad vision: One woman told me she liked bringing in donations and shopping where a 10% of the income is goes back into the community and another 10% helps women and children in other countries. 

In other words, we thank God for Karsten and Shelly who gave us a taste of their life, who trusted us with their house and dog and business, and who let us be free in their town among their friends.

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