Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lesley, this is for you.

Lesley and Talitha yearned for chicken salad croissant sandwiches from the Red Rooster in Barnesville. But when they went last week, the chicken salad was all gone for the day, the ONLY day available to them together.

Now Lesley has returned home. But Talitha and I had a date today and Talitha's longings were fulfilled.

Sorry, Lesley. We thought of you.

P.S. Your candy is in the mail. Really, I mean it.


Karin said...

what...are they still selling candy at that great candy making place?

Dana said...

Talitha, did you have a mocha with it? Iced or steaming hot?

Noel said...

Karin: Yup, Swint's is still much in business.

Dana: Nope. The sandwich was the thing--with Sprite