Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our wayward children

is a good way to describe my family. So when we have a family reunion, we come from far and near and we fill all the table space while we fill ourselves with good food and conversational catching up.

Earlier this month, my husband spoke a few words to us all before we ate. He reminded us that all the families in the Bible are broken families, as are our own families. We are not alone in our suffering over a wandering husband, wife, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent. Together, our only hope of healing and wholeness is through the Cross.  

As we wait and pray for that reconnecting and reconciliation, how do we act toward that one who is "away?" My son, Abraham, was away and now he is back. His advice comes from personal experience:

No strategy for reaching your son or daughter will have any lasting effect if the underlying goal isn’t to help them know Jesus.


It’s not so that they will be good kids again; it’s not so that they’ll get their hair cut and start taking showers; it’s not so that they’ll like classical music instead of deathcore; it’s not so that you can stop being embarrassed at your weekly Bible study; it’s not so that they’ll vote conservative again by the next election; it’s not even so that you can sleep at night, knowing they’re not going to hell. (Read the whole article)

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Laurie Lynn said...

I read this last night through tears. I pled and prayed more and again through tears. It's as though the angry, numb, heartbroken flooidgates have (finally) opened and our Lord used this article in part. Thank you for posting it/linking to it. God is good and faithful and I'm thankful for the fresh reminder; "Only his grace can draw them from their perilous pursuits and bind them safely to himself—captive, but satisfied." (Oh, the bliss of being captive, but satisfied"!) I'm thankful for the reminder; "The only ultimate reason to pray for them, welcome them, plead with them, email them, eat with them, or take an interest in their interests is so that their eyes will be opened to Christ."