Friday, October 16, 2009

Old home place

Yesterday morning we walked around the neighborhood where we lived from 1971-74. Here's the entry way to our apartment building. (It was plain gray then.)
The highest balcony was ours, where we looked out over a sea of roofs that reminded me of the chimney sweep scene in Mary Poppins, especially because it was not uncommon to see chimney sweeps around town.
A block away on Steinstrasse, we visited the bakery where we used to buy some of the best bread in the world--weissbrot or vollkornbrot or our favorite, a light roggenbrot. The bakery now has been in the Paul Schmidt family for 4 generations and has branched out beyond bread to many tempting sweet pastries.
I wish I'd counted how many pounds of bananas I bought, especially for our little Karsten, at this fruit market during those years.
Before we left the old neighborhood, we prayed for the people we knew then and for the people who live there now. We pray that they will be satisfied by the Bread of life and be filled with the fruits of the Spirit.

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mercygraceword said...

This is so great, so you can go back.
We have so much to thank God for, continually and forever!