Sunday, October 18, 2009

Once upon a time . . .

I'm sitting again in my own kitchen. Saturday--just yesterday!--seems like another world, another time. May be just jet lag. Saturday was in Germany, Sunday night is in Minneapolis.

But part of the reason may be that yesterday we were at Neuschwanstein, which was born in the mind of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. His name is usually paired with the word mad, as in Mad King Ludwig--though one tour guide tried to persuade us he was just eccentric.

To top it off, we went during what turned out to be the first snowfall of the season in the Bavarian Alps. We thought the trip would be memorable for colorful fall leaves, but they were all white. You can see a few pictures, if you'd like.

This castle seems like a representation of so much of Ecclesiastes--vanity of vanities. Years of labor and Bavaria's coffers drained in order for Ludwig to have this fairy tale dream built as his own personal hideaway, just for him alone. He lived in it only 170 days before he died.

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