Monday, August 3, 2009

Thanks for vacation

Vacation took us to Georgia, South Carolina, southern Minnesota and northern Minnesota.

We had reunions with Johnny's family and with my extended family and with friends. One of those weeks, Barnabas and family were with us.

For most of a week, we were the substitute shopkeepers at Jumble Thrift Shop in Fulda, MN.

And then came some quiet days of sleeping when we wanted and reading when we wanted. Each day we three walked hard together for 1/2 hour and then Talitha and I would cool off in the water. One weekend Ben and his family joined us.

I am so aware that it is a privilege to have such weeks. Every good and perfect gift is from our father of heavenly lights. I'm pretty sure that some year his good and perfect gifts to us will not be so obviously sweet and pleasurable.

I pray I will receive those times with as much gratitude as I feel now for this summer.

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Jennisa said...

Hi Noel!

Thanks for sharing this blog with us!

I am a fellow pastors wife and I also work at home designing blogs! I'd be honored to design your blog for you (my treat!)

My husband and myself have been greatly ministered to through Desiring God, so, in some small way, may be I would be giving back....thanks!

p.s. you can ask Sam Crabtree about me...he met with my husband and I in April!)