Sunday, March 2, 2008


From Noel:

We went with the Sorleys this morning to Tigoni Baptist. We expected the service to be in
Swahili, and most of it was. Good music. I was able to catch on to a couple of the phrases if they were repetitive enough. One sounded really familiar and I finally realized it was "Things Already Bettah" that we learned in English from Watoto.

Then when it was sermon time, Pastor Bosco had another man up there with him to translate into English. I think that was an impromptu arrangement because we were visiting. The sermon was from Philippians 1:15-18. He spoke about unity and love, specifically relating it to the recent violence in Kenya. He challenged the church to be different than others.

I have been in services other places where the language is unfamiliar, and God works anyway. Maybe I meditate on the passage I know the pastor is preaching from. Or maybe God brings other things to mind. Or maybe I pray for the people who are worshiping around me.

So I didn't mind when I thought this morning would be all Swahili, but I was glad I could understand more than I expected.


Mother said...

Well, I guess I was at two churches this morning -- First Baptist in Barnesville and also at Togoni Baptist, enjoying the melieu and the music, vicariously --of course!

Uganda trip 07 said...

I am with you in Spirit...smelling the myriad of smeels of the people and cow dung, etc...I am jealous...soke in the experience that Africa affords. Let us know how we can pray...blessings, Tom

Mother said...

Noel, How about another update? Eager to hear more!