Friday, March 7, 2008

Coincidence--I mean GOD-incidents

From Noel:
God-incident #1--

Talitha and I decided to read one chapter each day from 1 and 2 Timothy. We chose those fairly randomly, simply because together they had the same number of chapters as there are days of our trip. We could do that, knowing that God would use his word, wherever we read, to give us what we need for each day. We are taking turns being the one who reads for the day and comments about what seems pertinent, especially to this trip.

On Sunday, our first morning in Kenya, where post election violence was so recent, Talitha read 1 Tim 2, and it seemed planned for that particular day. Pray for those in authority so that we may live godly lives in peace and quietness. The perfect prayer for this first day. And yes, it WAS planned, though not by us.

God-incident #2--

On Tuesday, after we returned from the trek down into the Rift Valley with the women hauling wood, we had lunch together. Pastor Kanori's wife and some friends prepared it in the small forest that Pastor Kanori planted 10 years ago--a cool, shady place to rest after the exertion of the climb.

Before I left home, I had collected larger scarves to bring as gifts, just 13 of them. I also had a few earrings. Almost all the rural women wear scarf head ties. I was worried 13 would be enough. I shouldn't have worried. As we ended our time together, I gave earrings to the younger women who weren't wearing head ties. And that left exactly 13 women to receive the 13 scarves.


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I have enjoyed all your writings. Thank you for taking the time to write and live your adventures and God moments with us!
We miss you here in this zero degree weather....but so glad mother and daughter are having this life changing trip together.
Please greet the Sorelys for us.