Friday, March 7, 2008


From Talitha :

Hey Everybody! I hope everybody is safe and blessed.
ok, Some thoughts here. When I saw how the women have to walk down this steep steep hill to get firewood and back up carrying it, it struck me how hard these women work to get food for their families. They (i think ) get firewood down the steep escarpement 3 times a week. That takes a lot of muscle. The firewood they carry is a huge old pile. Some women did not have shoes. Some women did not have husbands because they were widowed. Some women had torn and dirty dresses and scarves. That is one of the reasons (I think) that they loved the scarves. We in The States take for granted the firewood we burn because we can buy firewood. And we have cars to go get it. A lot of us use cars to go get firewood, clothes and other stuff. When they have to walk maybe some miles to go get the essentials for living. Also when I saw some of the children walking to school, it struck me how sometimes they have to walk a long way to get to school. And we sit back and relax in buses. Seeing this taught me that I shouldn't complain when my bus comes late because i should be grateful that I get to ride a bus at all. Also some kids at my school live farther away, They should be grateful that they do not have to walk the 20 or something miles. I have given you alot to think about, so process it slowly. If you have questions or something to say, give me a comment. Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Dear Talitha,
I feel so sorry for those women!!! I want to pray for them and their children. But they have the promise from God that everything will work out for good. they also have the promise that they will go to heaven if they know Jesus Christ. I will try to pray for these families. I know that you are doing something great for these women and children by giving them those scarves, and just comforting them. They have a lot of work to do during the day!!! imagine it! My birthday is in 4 days. I will pray for you hopefully on that day.
friends till the airplane flies,

Noel said...

from Talitha

EJH, I just want to let u know that I am going to be home on the tenth of March.

Friends till the banana splits and smashes!

ethel said...

Hi Talitha,

Thank you foir sharing your experiemces in Africa. I have some knowledge about Africa since one of our dear sister in the church soon will be bound to Africa for missions. She and her American missionary husband had shared to us the situations there. Yes, it is so depressing and dampening our hearts to see people in poverty but the situation in Africa is just the same with a lot of places here in my country,Philippines. Poverty and forest devastation were rampant that is why when earthquake strikes us we always suffer from flood and landslides. But what truly comforts us is there is a God who is in control of all situations and He is Sovereign!That is why my burden is to share the gospel to my co-Filipinos that they may come to know the Savior Jesus and be their Lord and Savior and turn awayfrom their sins.For our lives here are but temporary, we are just passing through. My prayers will be that many may come to know Him and embrace the true Gospel of Jesus. For if they know Christ though how difficult life is it is no longer that difficult for we can just cling to His promises that the pain and sufferings is just but momentary thus, far outweights the glory He prepared for us. God bless you.

TEN Siababa

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