Sunday, March 9, 2008

Goodbye, Kenya

From Talitha:
Today is a sad day for my mom and I. Today is March 10, 2008... which means that today is our last full day in Kenya. Tonight we leave at 11:30pm for our flight to Amsterdam from Kenya. Part of me wants to stay. Part of me wants to leave and see my church, school and just be at home. I have seen so much for me to process. Some of what I saw made me angry. Some of it made me sad. Some of it made me happy. Seeing the poverty made me mad and sad. Seeing the children happy and asking us "how are you?" made me happy. We take so much for granted in "the states" and we don't even think about other people in the world who may not have the same things that we do, or may not have it at all. I encourage you (in the states) to pray earnestly for these (broken or hurt or happy) people in Kenya. Also when you catch yourself being picky about a certain food ( don't feel bad, I do it too) remember that there are people in the world who don't have any food or live on less than a dollar a day so they eat what they can get for their family. One thought I definitly come away with on this trip is that there really is trees dying and a lot of us waste paper in the states and we don't even think about that there really is trees dying. I given you a lot to think about, so process it slowly and maybe you have some thoughts.
God bless you and keep you and give you a heart(if not already) t0 be on your knees for these people in Kenya and all of Africa. May Jesus Christ's name be hallowed forever in Africa!


Jan said...

My advice to Talitha -

You also have a lot to process, don't stop! The hardest thing about going home is people asking, "How was your time in Africa?" and expecting you to have a one-word answer. Resist the temptation to try to put things into a single word or sentence. Start a dialogue with your friends over all that you are processing. Keep talking about it with your Mom, Daddy, brothers, sisters-in-law and friends. Don't slip away from what you are learning.

Thank you for coming on this trip. God bless you are you act as ambassadors for this work in Kenya. May God get the glory due his name!

Anonymous said...

It is funny, you wrote your last entry on March 10 and it was still March 9 here!! I loved praying for you and hearing all the stories and tips, hope your hair is still braided!! Be sure to leave a little part of your heart behind you, thanks for your ministry and I thank God for you! faith jaeger

Readheady said...

Amazing to hear of your trip to Africa Talitha! I only just heard of it and now you're on your way home. I loved to hear of you reading through Timothy and how God used that. I loved meeting these people and that country through your heart and eyes. It's wonderful how as well as being able to help others on mission trips God often uses these events as way to help us grow closer to him, opening our minds and hearts to his will. Mission trips are an amazing way to see the wider world in a spiritual as well as physical way. You'll feel that your mind has opened and expanded - so will your prayers. Give my love to your mum.
Catherine Mackenzie, (CFP, Scotland).

Anonymous said...

Belated Welcome Home, Noel and Talitha! I have enjoyed and absorbed every word you wrote about your Africa adventure. What an impact! I know your caring hearts are tenderly stretched /
Blessings, M & GM

julie said...

Thank you, Talitha and Noel, for your reflections on your Africa trip and your desire to weave your passion for God's glory with care for God's creation. Your blog has provided a glimpse into Kenya at a critical time and spurred a Kingdom concern for that country.

Terry said...

Thanks for sharing your insights about Kenya. May God bless you!

Courtney said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Talitha. I'll be thinking about them more today, seeking to apply them to my heart. I'm thinking of our Lord's teaching that "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." May we be poor in spirit and rich in Jesus.
Courtney Wisdom

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