Saturday, March 8, 2008

"I Cry Every Day"

From Noel:
Today I went with Craig and Francis about 1 hour to Old Kijabe Town for a workshop with community leaders. The purpose was to promote God's vision for his creation. At the beginning Craig and Francis asked for memories of what the land was like 30 or more years ago.

One man said "There were so many wild animals--elands, antelopes . . . . Anytime you cut across the forest, if you met a buffalo, you were safe, because the trees were so thick, he couldn't get through to you. Today you would be dead."

Mr. Stephen Ngungi Munga (pointing to the bare hills) said, " I cry every day. I was born here in 1941. There were huge forests here. Today I look at it and cry because I reflect back and remember how it used to be. The land is groaning. The forest is weeping. If those who have already gone to the Father were allowed to come again, they would leave again immediately."

There was much to ponder in Craig and Francis's presentation. One thing I'll pass on right now. God created everything to display his glory. That includes us and all of nature. "Apart from the scriptures, the creation is the most complete and spectacular physical evidence of God's reality and glory." So damaging and destroying creation insults God and hides his glory.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Noel and Talitha -- Daddy saw bare hills in Haiti when on medical missions years ago. Totally deforested then. People dug for roots. Makes one sigh for people and for the hills. How you two have filled us with your wonderful comments and descriptions. Safe journey home. Daylight saving time starts tomorrow = Sunday. So now n Kenya unfvncvjyou are only five hours ahead of me, and six ahead of Johnny!
Love and blessings.
Mother and Grandmother