Monday, March 3, 2008

Day in Nairobi

From Noel:

This morning we drove through Kibera, a slum/dump area in Nairobi you might have heard of recently during reports of the violent days in Kenya. We saw 2 burned out churches and numerous burned houses and shops that were poor enough to begin with.

Afterward, Craig and Tracy took us to meet with the people at NEGST (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology) who have taught an elective theological course about caring for God's creation. They are hopeful that the course might become part of the core curriculum. We also met with people at Daystar University, where there is an environmental science course, but not yet a course that looks at creation from a biblical perspective.

Later in the afternoon, Talitha, Tracy and I hung out with MaryAnne Augustin, Bethlehem missionary with Wycliffe. She began her missionary work several years ago, planning to do Bible translation work in Congo. Revolution and later strife there has made it impossible for her to settle there. Wycliffe/SIL's Congo work has gone on "in exile." Now, finally, MaryAnne is planning to move to Congo in a few months.

We're trying for early bedtime tonight, because we leave the house at 6 am tomorrow do do something we've never done before. We'll tell you about that tomorrow.


Abraham said...

hi tal its abe i think i have been to that bilding that got burnt down

Abraham said...

Hi Talitha,

I miss you so much so does everyone else. We are praying for you, your Mom, and your Mom`s freind. I think it is rilly sad that, that building got burnd down.