Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ta Da!


Jan said...

Talitha, you look great in long hair. I wish I were there to see it in person. And now you'll have to make an African trip at least once a year to have it done from time to time.

I'm praying for you both, Jan

Anonymous said...

Dear Talitha...what fun for us to "be there with you" by way of your Blog! Thank you! When we were in Ghana, I loved the hairdo of one lady who had beautiful braids which created a vine of leaves up the back of her head. Next year when you go with Wheels for the World, you can have a repeat! Our White Cross gals are praying for you and your mom as you give glory to GOD there.
Blessings...Mrs. Burnes

Molly said...

WHOA--it looks great! I bet you can't stop touching it, it probably just feels so weird. So when they grow out, will you have to cut your hair really short or do they just come off somehow? I'm getting a real education here. :-)

Noel said...

The braids last about a month (we hope). Then we just unbraid them and separate the extensions from my hair. I miss you and Abraham and Orison's chattering. Talitha

Charity said...

Everyone was OVERWHELMINGLY positive about your hair! It wasn't until we clicked on the picture to make it big that we realized what you were wearing!! We LOVE the Hope Tee-shirt! =0) We love that you are part of our family and we are praying for you.
Miss Ward for the class.
ps. we bue you...I do not know what this means but Daisa gave me a translation! Apparently it is Greek! =0)

Anonymous said...

You are seeming like some afrobrazilians girls now.
See this

Came to Brazil some day.
In Chirst.
Tamar Souza