Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comfort and Marguerite

The affection between Comfort and her sister, Marguerite, was obvious in their faces and physical closeness, and in the loving care Comfort received from Marguerite.

In order to move Comfort from one place to another in the house, Marguerite had to hoist her up and carry Comfort on her back. Comfort had a hand-pedaled cart she could use outside, but Marguerite had to get her out of the house and onto the bike. When they went to church, Marguerite had to carry her from the cart into the church.

We met the sisters during the 2007 Harvest Project. Now Comfort has a chair and can wheel herself around. As with most of the chairs, this is a blessing not only to the recipient, but to those who care about and for that person. 

200 wheelchairs…..200 churches or neighborhoods and families.  Pray that the impact of each wheelchair reaches far beyond just one person.


Ben Mordecai said...

Noel, I am overjoyed that you have become so rich in good deeds. You work is a blessing to the world and to the body of Christ. Thank you for making Christ look good!

Anonymous said...
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