Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We all are packing (or thinking seriously about getting started). Dan and Faith Eriksen and Noel Piper fly out on Friday, and arrive in Yaounde, Cameroon--Lord willing--Saturday evening. The rest of the team departs Sunday, arriving Monday evening.

We plan to keep you in on what's happening through this blog. So please pray that internet connections will work when we need them!

  • That we not forget anything that is crucial for our ministry
  • That we trust in God as we pack, not getting uptight
  • That our times with family and friends are close and sweet as we prepare to go
  • That we trust our families and friends into the Lord's hands as we go
  • That our times with God are close and sweet, getting us ready to represent Christ in Cameroon.
  • And that God do what only God can do–-prepare the hearts of the people we will meet there

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