Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cries and Laughter

From Bob Horning, Team Leader

Not only are individuals impacted by these wheelchairs, but whole churches are impacted.  

We’ve mentioned Nfor Silas a few times on the blog.  He was a big helper in 2007 and has been working tirelessly preparing for us to come in a couple of weeks.  

I don’t think we’ve ever mentioned that we had the pleasure of giving one of the wheelchairs to Silas’s dad.  

A former pastor, he had several strokes years ago and had not been able to go back to church because he couldn’t make the two-mile walk.  Here is Silas’s email when his father was finally able to go back to church.


The happiest day in his life was on Sunday, 2nd. Early Sunday morning he told me I shouldn’t ride him to the church. He wanted to use his wheel chair. My younger brother helped wheel him to church. 

That Sunday I was the one preaching and my sermon was from Exodus 4:2&3. The title was "open your eyes and see what God has given to you." 

From the pulpit I saw the old man wheeled into the church. He has not come to the church for the last six years. 

He made his way to his old men’s choir where he was the founder some 15 years ago. Singing and dancing. I mean he participated in almost all the church activities that day. 

The whole church was touched as he told the stories of how he got the wheelchair and the other disabled people he saw in Santa. 

It was agreed upon, some men will wheel him every Sunday and during other church programs. Death seems to be a little longer away from him with all the happiness I saw in him. 

I can tell you the church was full of cries and laughter. Can I say it was a joyful sorrow?


200 wheelchairs…..200 churches or neighborhoods.  Pray that the impact of each wheelchair reaches far beyond just one person.

(photo: Silas and Gideon Nfor with their father and Bob Horning)