Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stick with me, and you'll go places!

from Faith Eriksen, team member

Shortly after my first husband died 12 years ago, God told me he had a job for me in Cameroon. I had never been on a mission trip, and I didn't know any missionaries.


I argued with God.  "I have no talents, education or skills that could be used in missionary work.  He said, "I don't call the equipped, I equip the called.  Remember how I solved the problem when Moses said he couldn't speak to Pharaoh because he had a speech impediment?" 


I said, "Yes, you sent Aaron to speak for him." 


"And you know what happened to Jonah when he refused to go to Nineveh." 


"Yes, and I don't swim very well."


I did get some information about Cameroon and I contacted my denomination for names of missionaries in Cameroon.  I corresponded with one woman for about 6 years.  But the Lord didn't speak to me again.


I met Dan in 2002. He said, "If you stick with me, you'll go places."  I didn't know he meant to the ends of the earth! Since we've been married, we've been to China, Brazil, and twice to Peru with Wheels for the World.  We thought we would go again to Peru this year.


But in November, we found out about the Harvest Project to Cameroon.  We knew immediately that we would be going. 


God had been preparing me for this for twelve years!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, Aunt Faith! I'll be praying for you and Dan.