Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Team Cameroon: Silas Nfor

I can hardly imagine how we Americans on the Harvest Project team last time would have been floundering around Cameroon if it hadn't been for Silas. 

What a blessing it will be to work again this time with a Godly man whose heart reaches out toward people with great needs, especially their need for Jesus.

Silas and Mary's home in Yaounde is the headquarters and hub of their ministry--Victory Vision--which grows out of skills and gifts God has given them.

Over the years Silas has been and is a cook, caterer, baker, shopkeeper, and Mary has had a tailoring business. He is the kind of person who eagerly picks up new skills and uses them to support his family and for the sake of the wider Kingdom of God. 

At any given time, a few young men from dire situations--orphans, for example--live in the Nfor's compound as apprentices to Silas. Before morning light, they fill the quarter with the warm fragrance of baking bread. Later they deliver the loaves to shops around the city. At other times, they assist Silas in event catering. All the while, Silas and Mary's goal is to help people find the gospel practical in their daily lives.

Silas and Mary labor long hours just to barely support their family. Life is hard, but still they reach out to others with the gospel and practical help.

We praise God for Silas's ministry of being with the Harvest Project team and the ministry of Mary and their children in sending him with us.

left: Silas's  earthen bakery oven / right: stacks of loaf pans

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