Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pray for Team Cameroon

Three of our main team members in Cameroon are undergoing personal difficulties and grief, while at the same time they continue in their normal ministry and family responsibilities. On top of that, they are busy with preparations for our team's ministry with them. 

Monique  Bessomo's husband, Maurice, seems to be somewhat better, but he is still hospitalized. Monique depends on public transportation to travel all the way across Yaounde to be with him.

Nungu Magdalene's cousin, Emmanuel, died recently. Magdalene feels a great deal of affection for him and he has been a particular support and help to her for many years. Also, he was a customs official who helped her find her way through the complicated system when she was retrieving our wheelchair shipments from customs at the port.

Nfor Silas lost a cousin, a 22-year old who died when his car crashed. The wake was at Silas and Mary's house. Then Silas traveled a full day one-way to return his cousin to their home village. He remained a few days there with his extended family.

Please pray for God's strength and comfort for Monique, Magdalene, Silas and their families. Pray that they might be Christ's channel of strength and comfort to their extended families and friends.

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