Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go! -- Ready! Set!

I'm sitting in the middle of a puddle of packing. Talitha and I leave in about 3 hours for camp. 

All of us volunteers arrive this afternoon and for 24 hours are getting ready for the campers--mostly getting OURSELVES ready. Campers arrive tomorrow afternoon. 

I remember the challenge of taking a trip with our children when they were small. How much greater is the effort for a family affected by disability. 

So while we're loading the car and driving, I'm praying for the campers--that God will overcome the feeling of "It would just be easier to stay home"; that God will protect health; that he will hold away any events, behaviors, mishaps that would keep someone from coming. I don't know all the contingencies to pray about, so over-all my prayer is that God will bring to camp everyone who should be there.

We are so eager to see them!

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Anonymous said...

Noel, please give our warmest greetings to all at the family retreat this week. We really feel sad to miss it. We are praying for a wonderful week for every person and family. And we're excited to check out your pictures when they're posted! Blessings to you and to everyone,

Dana and Christa and Anna