Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photo Information

All the camp photos are posted at Kodak Gallery. I pray they will bless you with pleasure and good memories.

1. Group Photos -- 
There are 2 sets each of the group in three sections --right, center, left. This gives you the option to find the grouping that shows your family best. There is also a panorama, but this is my first effort at merging photos and it's not entirely successful.

2. All the Retreat photos , including some by other campers. You won't want all of these, but I hope you will find some you like of you, your family and friends, and your STM.

4. Video clips of the children at the CEFED Special Education Home and School, a large part of Magdalene Nungu's ministry in Cameroon, which was highlighted one morning during the Adult Ministry time. These will give a small glimpse into the drastically different life there of a child with disabilities and of the huge difference a few caring people can make in Jesus' name -- Welcome Song -- I Will Dance for You, O Lord -- I Want to Go to School -- Amazing Grace (name that tune!).

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