Monday, August 11, 2008

Volunteers! On your mark! Get set!

Talitha and I drove home today from our vacation, leaving my husband behind to have a few more days of quiet and retreat on his own. 

Vacation was great. But we two needed to do laundry, repack, and be ready to leave tomorrow for Family Retreat. We've been waiting a long time for this.

We know that more than 100 others have their own stories today of wrapping up one set of activities and responsibilities to get ready to go tomorrow to Joni and Friends Family Retreat to work in some capacity in the name of Jesus on behalf of families affected by disabilities. 

Please pray for us all as we prepare and travel.

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Corrie said...

I love your honesty about getting ready for camp. I feel that way with every trip to Pearlington or Switzerland or where ever it is that God is leading this family to do ministry. It was even more delightful this time as I have my oldest two going to Joni Camp to help in various ways. They got out the door this morning after a fast trip to the store to get Garrett some food - he is a celiac which makes sending him anywhere interesting. I am praying for your week - May the Lord bless you and Talitha for serving these families this week. Corrie