Monday, August 18, 2008

~Talitha's Thoughts~

Hey Everybody!

How is everybody since I last saw you?? Good? 

Well anyway, I would like to share some of my thoughts with you today. 

ok... Yesterday was one of the most precious days ever for me. It was Sunday and the last day of camp. That is when we have breakfast, pack up, and have a little worship and a word from the camp speaker (this year being Kempton Turner) and we have testimonies from campers and from STMs and everyone else. 

Just hearing people saying how God was at work that week was worth the whole week of camp. And then seeing people, including the mother of my family, cry and say what a blessing their STM was to them also was very moving to me. 

The whole week of camp was tiring and hard as well as sweet and good. It was full of fun, some things include:  Swimming, playing, playing tennis, playing ping pong and pool, talking, staying up late, spending time with the Turners, laughing with the Turners, spending time with girls like Elisa, Tessa, Becca, Elise, Ellen , Courtney, my cousin Betsy and her friend Hannah and many other girls. And spending time with boys like Sam, Ryan, Kyle, Joe, Nate and Nate. There were so many others I spent time with and there are so many other things I did as well. 

Another thing I did, was almost every morning I went to the youth prayer meeting that Elisa organized. That was really encouraging since every morning I was so tired but God helped me to get up in the morning and come to this and I can tell you prayer really helps and encourages and strengthens you. 

I have so much more I could say but if I said it all, you would be sitting there for maybe even a couple of hours!! I am happy to be back but I am also sad that camp is over and I can't wait to go next year for 2009 Joni and Friends Camp!!!!


Caryn said...

We praise God for you! We truly appreciated how you selflessly & patiently served our family. We enjoyed laughing with you too:-). Carysse had one of the BEST helpers! I pray that she has a heart to serve when she gets your age. You are a great role model.

P.S. I HAVE TO have that pic of you two!

Anonymous said...

Hey Talitha!
I just read this. Thanks for sharing about Joni Camp! I had a blast hanging out with you!! Can't wait until next year!!!

See you!
Courtney :-)

Abigail V. said...

Hi, Talitha! I don't know why I didn't see this post until now. It was great to see you at camp.I can't wait until next year! It was really fun to be with everyone there. I miss everyone. Especially most of the STMs.