Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry. You'll have to wait another day for the links I promised to the group photos. Today I got distracted in the most blessed, wonderful way.

Our 9th grandchild was born today--our 4th grandson. He is Morrow John Piper. 

This is especially sweet because his sister Felicity was stillborn a year ago. So the rejoicing today is different than any other time I remember. Greater joy than the great joy we might otherwise have had interpersed with sorrow still that Felicity is not here.


Erin James said...

What a year your family has had. He gives beauty for ashes. Congratulations to you and the A. Piper family.

Tricia said...

Congratulations! He is a handsome little guy. The Lord is so kind.

Caryn said...

We're praising the Lord with you! Joy after sorrow is so sweet. Through pain, God allows us to really appreciate His good pleasure & not take anything for granted. Thank you Father for another grace gift to the Piper Family!

Bez said...

Noel, last year I heard the news about Felicity while I was en route to the National Conference. I came up to you intending to simply say hi and tell you how much I appreciated Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary God, and I fell apart in tears over how sad I was for your loss. I cried again, tears of joy, when I heard about Morrow. I've enjoyed sharing Talitha's and your journey with JAF and am excited about MY "mother and daughter" trip this year - to meet up in MN again for the DG Nat Con. Mom flies from VA, I fly from NYC, we meet at the airport and spend the weekend together feasting on the Word, worship and fellowship (oh, and the miles of books!!) See you there.
- Christy Tennant