Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As camp photographer, I had the privilege of seeing activities in many parts of the program. I was very glad I took my bike for getting around and back and forth!

I have loaded onto the Internet all the photos I took and some from others too. There are way too many for any one family. But I hope you'll enjoy scanning through, looking for your own faces and those of friends and for events you particularly enjoyed. At this Kodak website, you can save any photos to your own computer. You can purchase prints. And you can use the website to create a photobook, designed by you.

One of the campers, Rick Klingberg, has also posted the photos at his Internet gallery. You can order prints from him. He also offers a number of products that can be printed with the photo of your choice--apron, t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, and many more.

On my post tomorrow, I will include a link to the group photos of everyone who was there.

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