Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Volunteer Training

Talitha and I arrived at Castaway Club about 4:30, along with most of the other volunteers. Talitha is especially happy that her cousin, Betsy, came up from Chicago to work and brought along her friend, Hannah.

The hours before the campers arrive are filled with information and instruction to get us ready to be most helpful to campers.

For example, Tony Skie talked about wheelchair etiquette--"Please ask before you help me. I may be glad for help, but I may want to do it myself." 

Some of us have been to several JAF Family Retreats. Many are first timers. All of us feel a mixture of excitement at being here and anxiety about what it will be like, connecting with people whom we may not already know and who have special needs that we're not yet familiar with.

And if WE feel anxious, imagine the family who is attending for the first time. They have spent money for registration, they've poured energy and emotions into getting their family ready to travel, and yet they may have little idea what to expect. They're probably wondering, "Will it be worth all the effort? 

If my Internet connection cooperates, I hope to post photos at the end of each day.  Just ignore the sign in and click "View Slideshow."

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