Sunday, February 1, 2009

Team America

Front: Elisa Horning, Bryan Reilly, Sue Murr, Gordon Crouch, Erica Streifel
Back: Nate Steller, Andrew Horning, Cheryl Hansen, Noel Piper, Bob Horning, Tim Tarchick
Not pictured: Laurence Gallarato, Mal Hasty, Dan & Faith Eriksen, Dana Croxton, Cindy Fahy, Mike Yuen

These are the team members going to Cameroon from Minnesota, Florida, Texas, California. Another post, another day, will highlight the team members who live in Cameroon.

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Pam Henry said...

Here I go again -- vicariously, that is!! Though my face will not be in the photos, my care and prayer go with you all the way.
Blessings, Noel's mom