Friday, August 7, 2009

He does all things well . . . . I keep telling myself

"How do you measure the worth of 34+ years of friendship and 23 years of living 3 houses apart?

23 years of:
  • impromptu meals together
  • countless borrowed onions, eggs, and cups of sugar
  • walks together
  • encouraging each others' children (and admonishing if needed)
  • shared birthday celebrations
  • carpooling our kids to school
  • loving and attending the same church and ministering together there
  • praying through our tears for each others' children
Today, our friendship with David and Karin Livingston is stronger and deeper than ever. But the "3 houses down" has ended. They moved yesterday to be nearer Bethlehem's South Site, where David's primary responsibilities are.

I know they're not gone-gone. I know we'll develop new patterns of seeing each other. And yes, our cell phones work just as well as they ever have. I know this is a good thing that the Lord has planned for us all and for Bethlehem.

But today, I'm good for nothing and crying at the drop of a borrowed onion.


thepipers said...

This is a sad day... wow. I don't even know how to conceive of your block without the Livingstons.

Karin said...

Thanks Noel... all I could do was write "bye" on the cell phone and let the tears flow for a while. BUT don't think I won't be knocking at your door(...oops I left your house key at 1813!!!!), to go for a walk or have lunch or or or
Love you too too much!

Adrian Warnock said...

We only met David and Karin very briefly when they were staying in London, but I have to say I can understand both why you love them so much, and why even a partial separation must be hard. I am sure that you will see loads of them still.

Great blessings on you all. Tope and I hope to be in town for the pastors conference in Feb.