Thursday, August 20, 2009

He is God alone

The worship team at Joni and Friends Family Retreat gets better every year. This year, there were several reminders of how much God was blessing us through them.

First of all, they drew us into worshipping God through their choices of music, the quality of their voices and playing, and their own worship as they sang and played.

Then, a 2nd-time volunteer said that during last year's camp, she was so moved by the music that she began for the first time to listen to contemporary worship songs at home.

Third, the musicians welcomed "Dara" to express her pleasure in their instruments while they were playing.

And then during the last time together before going home, we saw again their open hearts toward one of the campers, let's call him "Elda."

"Elda" is a gentle boy who doesn't speak and hardly responds when spoken to. Autism is a mysterious thing. God alone knows what is going on inside "Elda." And I mean that literally--God does know, and he gave us a peek.


Chris said...

Got up out of bed to finish typing up a devotional for the morning, and followed your Twitter link here.

Chills watching that, and excitement about our God.

Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome... I love reading what seems to be your deep care and passion for people with physical and mental challenges. I am an occupational therapist and I work in a public school so these wonderfully complex and interesting people are a part of my world.

Thank you for the video! I'm in tears in worship to our God alone...

Laurie Lynn said...

Yes, God knows! I love His mysterious ways! I'm in awe of how He chooses to be glorified!
Thank God for the peek and thanks for posting this video!

Karen F. said...

I think, actually I know, I have been changed by watching your videos this week.
Thanks for giving us a glimpse of God's marvelous love for His precious children.

Cheryl said...

My husband sent your blog with this video to me...I don't usually read blogs. It was the very encouragement I desperately prayed for. We have a son with Autism and I have struggled so much in past two weeks with him. Thank you for helping me remember that God is God alone, Unchangeable, Unstoppable. God knows my son and He is at work in my son's life for His glory. What a beautiful thing that retreat must be!

Noel said...

I hope your husband will send this reply to you. This retreat is indeed an awesome thing--for me as a volunteer and even more for the families who attend. I don't know where you live, but there are JAF retreats scattered around the country. The dates and places are posted sometime about the beginning of each year. Most fill up fast, so it's important to register early. You can see where camps met this year, and most will be the same next year. And generally, the dates are similar too from year to year.

And if you're not familiar with it, be sure to look around in the other parts of the Joni and Friends website. There are helpful resources and encouragement there --

I pray God's blessing on you today.

Julie said...

Noel, Thank you so much for capturing glimpses of our week and Joni Camp...these moments capture the incredible beauty of worship and praise in its purest form. The glimpses that can change the heart of so many of us who are considered "normal." Oh, how many of us have hesitated to openly express our love for the Lord in the way he has gifted us for fear that we may embarass ourselves or that we might not be "good enough." We have so much to learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ who face disability every day.
Thanks for sharing your talents and compassionate heart with all of the families at Joni Camp!