Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanking God for our kids

Last night between midnight and 2 am, I was wakened and kept awake by the behavior of some teenagers. I felt an odd relief to realize that they were not connected with our Joni and Friends Retreat.

By contrast, here's what I saw this morning--our young people gathered around the Word and praying together to begin the day.
To add to my gratitude to God, this was organized by one of the young men and the daily meeting is 45 minutes before breakfast, prime sleep-late time.

Our volunteer training time ends soon and pictures are posted. This afternoon the campers arrive.

Yesterday I asked you to pray for nervous volunteers. Today please remember the first-time families who probably are even more apprehensive about coming into a new situation.

And pray for all the families. If you've ever traveled with small children, multiply the paraphernalia and noise and unpredictability and otherwise general stress level by about 1000 for many parents traveling with one or more children with disabilities.

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