Friday, August 21, 2009

Would you choose for me to heal your son?

A few days ago I tweeted a quote I heard at Joni camp: "
Autistic boy's mom re grace: When I scraped my son's feces off the wall, God said, "Your sin was more repulsive and I cleaned you."

The number of responses has been overwhelming. She provoked so much emotion and thought in me that it's hard to stick to just one or two quotes. So I wanted to give you a chance to hear all that Lanae had to say.

She spoke from the context of disability. But I heard a broader truth that applies to quite different challenges in my own life.


Kevin Woodson said...

Thank you For harign the video. I thnk it wll bless many of my friends here In Tulsa/Broken Arrow area's hearts and so that we all will know that we are not alone in this and there are other people here that are like us, going through the valley of Autism relying SOLEY on the Grace and mercy and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ.

rosemary said...

Isn't is wonderful to witness God at work in the life of a young mom of an autistic child. Beauty instead of ashes. Thanks be to God for His grace to us through our special children.