Monday, August 24, 2009


I think serendipity is my favorite word, both for its sound and its meaning.

Serendipity -- "an instance of making a desirable discovery by accident."

I love it even better when it happens, like this morning. Johnny and I headed out the door for a 1/2-hour power walk. Which way shall we go? . . . Doesn't matter. . . . Let's go south; we haven't gone that way for a while.

After 15 minutes walking through our neighborhood, we started homeward. Turning a corner, we caught sight of a porch being rebuilt by Piper Construction. That's the business of our son Benjamin, and there he was with his co-worker Phil.

So our day started with a few moments with one of our boys and getting to see some of his handiwork--a sweet "accident."

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