Saturday, August 15, 2009

Loving people more than appearances

(Photos from yesterday are posted now.)

Sometimes just a few moments can capture the spirit and heart of a whole event. It happened tonight.

There is a little girl--let's call her Dara--here at the Minnesota Joni and Friends Family Retreat. Dara doesn't speak and often is biting or chewing on something. She is captivated by music, so much so that her parents bring musical toys and even a keyboard to fill her time happily.

Tonight there was a hymn sing. Dara's family sat on the front row. Dara stood next to the stage the whole time. She expressed her excitement and pleasure with shrieks that would have sounded like distress or sudden, extreme pain if you didn't know better.

After the closing prayer, the worship band played as people stood and moved toward the door. Through tears I filmed what happened.

I thank God for Tom and Wendy and their loving Dara more than they love ending the evening on a perfect musical note.


Anonymous said...

Can't stop crying. Absolutely beautiful. Praise God.

Eloise Hastings said...

So precious...thank you Lord for the incredible joy it is to see You at work in this little heart

Kevin Woodson said...

Watcing our kids and kids in general Prasing God and enoying the music that is from and to the Lord is awesome but this was joyful tears. Great video. Won't forget this one.

Abigail said...

I love that girl. She's such a joy. I loved how she had something musical with her for most of the week. She loves it :)

Jesse Gardner said...

[This is very, very good.]