Friday, February 13, 2009

Even More Prayers Answered

Thank you, Lord.

We prayed for the chairs to get through Customs, and they did. 

AND we prayed that the customs officials might grant humanitarian status so the customs fee--which can be very steep--would be less. And he did that too.

Magdalene emailed from her home in Bamenda after days of legwork in Douala.

"Our Lord God has been so faithful. He has been making exponential breakthroughs at every stage. It is so amazing the way the Lord has worked out the details of the removal of this container [from Customs]. The exoneration procedure was long and we resorted to removing the container for fear of high storage fees. 

"While at the seaport in Douala I prayerfully booked for an audience to speak with the Chief of Sector of Customs at the seaport and shared CEFED's activities, the needs, impact of the wheels Harvest Project in Cameroon, and the need for a waiver from custom duties. 

"Behold the Lord touched his heart and he ordered for a waiver of a little more than 50 percent of the custom duty.  Praise The Lord. 

"The chairs where finally transported on Tuesday night, and they arrived in Bamenda Wednesday morning in good condition and safely stored."

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