Friday, February 6, 2009

Mal's Story, Pt 2: Choose--Limbs or Life?

Today, we continue the story that began yesterday.

by Mal Hasty, team member

My heart, kidneys, and liver were not getting enough blood to function. The doctors suggested a medication that would force blood out of my extremities to my vital organs. They warned of possible side effects (loss of parts of fingers, loss of toes and possibly part of the feet). Since I was in a coma, my kids made the decision to give the medication, which saved my life.  


I was transferred to a hospital with a hypobaric chamber (100% oxygen) in an effort to save my extremities. I was to be there at least six weeks to use the chamber three times a week and go through dialysis three times a week. 


God's grace showed through loud and clear. My daughter worked at the hospital. She was able to come see me any time that she didn't have a patient. Even though many, many friends visited me and were very encouraging, my daughter’s visits with her five children probably did more for my spirit than anything else.


At the end of the six weeks, I was told that both my feet needed to be amputated.  You would think that I would be angry and bitter. I can only say, God gave me two months to be prepared for this. 


God's grace sustained me through this and the only thing lingering on my mind was: Let's get on with the therapy and the prosthetics. 


As soon as the wounds healed the therapists began their work.  I was assigned to a therapist named Sharon. Sharon told me that she was in a prayer group and a woman in the group had asked prayer for someone in exactly the same situation I was in.  It was my daughter-in-law. So my therapist had been praying for me long before we met.  

All I can say is, His mysterious ways.

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