Monday, February 16, 2009

I Want to Go to School

In many countries a person with a disability is often treated as useless--no good to his family, his community, or to the wider society.

The children of the Santa Special Education School in Santa, Cameroon, present a small drama with a different viewpoint.

We may or may not agree that the accomplishments of the disabled daughter in the story are the highest possible measures of usefulness. Still, don't miss the contrast between the child with disabilities and the sister who is "normal."

And at the end of the video, hear the firm conviction of Nungu Anna, teacher at the Santa School and sister of Nungu Magdalene, one of the Cameroonian members of the Harvest Project team.



Anonymous said...

Just now I have become aware of your blog and the project in Camaroon. I will lift you and the team in prayer as you continue to be the arms and legs of Jesus for those who desperately need HIM, and your gifts of wheelchairs.

Anonymous said...

How fun to see your name as author on the DG blog, read your article, hear the inspiring story of your cousin, and be led to this blog. Thank you for sharing news of the wheelchair project. What a privilege to pray as you go to share the love of God in Cameroon.

Melissa Rowe said...

This was encouraging to see today. To remember that in reality we all are "useless" without Christ.
Although, I am more led to be grateful for the abilities God has (for this moment) lent me, and more led to ask for His mercy to come to those who are without what I usually take for granted.

Please keep posting. Its a joy to read.