Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mal's Story, part 3: The Open Door

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by Mal Hasty, team member

All of my life God has provided me with unusual strength in my legs and a extra dose of "let's get it done." From the time that I got my prosthetics, I worked during my therapy sessions and after hours, including many times at night when I couldn't sleep.  

With God's guiding hand I was able to walk without a walker or a helper in about a week. 

They released me on August 10, 2005.  I had been in a hospital for 7-1/2 months. My body, with the exception of my feet and two fingers on my right hand have returned almost to normal.


Why was I saved when doctors told me that the mortality rate for streptococcus A is almost 100% when it's discovered as advanced as it was with me?  God proved them wrong, didn't He?


When I lay in a hospital bed without energy to brush my teeth, shave, or even turn over and knew that I should really already be in Heaven—why had God saved my life? 


The only reason that came to my mind was, He had additional purposes for my life.  I promised God that whenever a door opened, I would trust that He wanted me to step through. 


Many opportunities have come my way in face-to-face encounters.  People will stop and ask me what happened and the first thing I tell them is that I'm here because the Lord saved my life. 


God has led me to give my testimony in several churches, Fellowship of Christian Athlete meetings, the sauna of the gym where I work out, in Romania, and now with this Harvest Project.  


This is the next open door.


It's my joy to still be alive and very active.


I can say God's grace is sufficient.

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1 comment:

Marie said...

What an amazing testimony! I surfed in through Noel's entry on the Desiring God blog. I'm so sorry you lost your feet. But how awesome God is that He is using you to minister to people so effectively overseas.

I've read Joni's "The God I Love" and know a little bit about her project bringing the wheelchairs around the world. Have a blessed trip!