Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Can I Help?

UPDATE: Through you, God has provided all the finances for individual team members and for ministry costs. From our hearts, we thank him and you.

Please continue with the help mentioned in #1 and #2 below--your interest and prayer. That will be a huge encouragement to us, and God will bless us through you.

Several of you have mentioned that you'd really like 
to be part of a mission like this, but it won't work 
out for you right now. 

How can you still be involved?

1. Please PRAY for us. WE pray that God will use this 
blog as a way of bringing to your mind things to pray.

2. Please COMMENT at our blog. You will 
encourage us by letting us know of your "presence" 
with us here. 
(Did we mention how convenient it will be for

3. If you feel led to HELP FINANCIALLY, that will be 
a wonderful gift from God through you. Here's how. 
(All contributions are tax deductible.)

Online, with credit card:
Enter Last Name of team member 
Enter ID number of that team member (ask the team 
member or call Joni & Friends, 
818-707-5664 x1723 for assistance)

Via check:
Payable to Joni and Friends
Memo line: Cameroon, [team member name] 
Mail to: Joni and Friends

Attn: WFTW

PO Box 3333

Agoura HillsCA 91376

We thank God for you and your interest and prayers.

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