Saturday, February 28, 2009

Papa God

(A reminder with many thanks: If you were thinking of making a donation on behalf of a Harvest Project team member, this would be a good time. Airline tickets are being purchased now.)

Remember camp songs on the bus when you were a kid? There'll be time for plenty of songs when the Harvest Project team makes the 8-hour bus trip again this time from Yaounde up to Bamenda. 

In 2007 on the bus we learned a worship song in Pidgin English. The meaning is something like this:

No one can say God has never done good for him.
Show me! Show me!
I never heard, I never saw, I never heard 
Any who can say God has never done good for him.

I was back in Cameroon a few months after the 2007 project, and grabbed my camera when the church choir started in on that familiar song, "Na oh weh Papa God nevah do good for he."

So here's to memory and anticipation! And here's thanks to our God who drops rain on the just and the unjust and who works everything together for good to those who are trusting him.

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