Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in Beijing

After only 2 days in Yuci (yoo-suh) with Mark, Rene and kids, I'm back in Beijing with Jo. Tonight, Sunday, we expect the rest of the group to arrive. (Bill Walsh writes about the trip at .

The days in Yuci were full and good -- visiting the Evergreen office and meeting staff there, sitting in on a seminar for church visitors, wandering around an old-style village with cave houses dug into mountainsides, walking through old-town Yuci getting historic perspective from Mark, visiting the clinic where Evergreen medical staff work alongside the Chinese staff, eating Rene's homemade pizza, and of course getting to know Bjorn, Marit, and Anders. Oh yes, and buying gifts for my daughters-in-law that I'm pretty sure no one has ever given them before.

You can see pictures at .

That includes a photo of my first visit 14 years ago, when Alma Bjork and I were part of the ceremony in which little Bjorn was dedicated to the Lord. Alongside, you'll find a current re-enactment of that old photo.

There are also a couple of photos I made at the family's favorite noodle shop. The noodles for each order were made on the spot--pulled noodles, starting with a big lump of dough--pretty amazing handiwork. I have a video of it, but I can't get through to YouTube. So I'll post it when I get home.


Corrie said...


I am really enjoying your pictures from China. Once Giovanna is up, I will have to show them to her. She has been asking about China lately.

I am taking a trip to Pearlington - leaving on Friday - Would it be possible to take copies of your new book down for the kids - if you are wiling to donate them?

I am not sure why looking at pictures of China made me think of your book and Pearlington. If you are willing to donate, I will work with DG.
Thanks. Enjoy your trip. Corrie

Olivia said...

That's so cool! I showed my dad some of the pictures and he found the dedication ones hilarious! Those of Anders are great too... I miss that boy! I miss all of them! They are a really great family that are just so fun to be around, of course I'm a little biased. :) Bjorn and I are only five days apart in age so we've had many fun times together through the years. I could tell you quite a few interesting stories about all of them.

It looks like you all had a great time! God bless the rest of your stay in China.

In Christ,