Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Yuci

Now I'm in Yuci with Mark and Rene and their children, Bjorn, Marit, and Anders. Mark is China Director for Evergreen Services.They arrived home yesterday morning by train from a few days of vacation. Then just a couple of hours later the welcomed me.

Almost fourteen years ago, I visited Mark and Rene when they lived in Taiyuan, the city where Jonathan and Carol live now, about an hour's bus ride away. At that time, Bjorn was only a few months old. Alma Bjork (my traveling companion and an old friend of Rene) and I led a small service in which Mark and Rene dedicated Bjorn to the Lord. At the end, we presented him with a quilt made and sent by Bethlehem's White Cross ladies.

This morning I'll walk to their house from the place where I'm staying--an Evergreen apartment that is between families. After breakfast, I'll go with Judy, one of their coworkers, to a seminar for church workers helping them think about helpful, effective approaches to home visits.

As far as I can tell, Evergreen people live in the heights--almost all the apartments I've been to are 4-6 stories up, and there are no elevators. Mine is on the 6th floor--120 steps. You don't want to forget and leave something behind when you walk out the door in the morning.

I had hoped to include a couple of photos, but the website is not opening in its usual format, so maybe later.

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Anna said...

Mark and Rene are my aunt and uncle!! Please tell them Anna Strand says hi and that she can't wait until they come home next June!!!